Social Darts

A free, fully functional dart scoring app for mature browsers and Android tablets.

Social Darts


Finally a Darts App that you can see from a distance and that looks good too!
Play 701, 501 or 301 with your buddies and get help with your checkouts.

Designed for tablets only and focusing on usability, rather than stats.

  • Two convenient score input modes
  • Finish suggestions updating as you indicate your throw
  • Level of detail that's relevant for when you're throwing or waiting
  • Undoing of scores
  • Simple

Tablet Only

Designed for comfort and visibility, this app runs only on large devices like tablets and desktop computers.
Depending on the player's position, the most relevant information is visible.

The player who's throwing can see the scores and checkout options. While the other player can see the game's details.

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Got friends?

Then bring them over and game on!

You can add your buddies to the app so you're instantly ready to play once they're over at your place!

Make sure to set their favorite double so they always get tailored checkout suggestions.

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Checkout help

To aid the players, at most two checkout suggestions are done.
As scores are entered, the hit score is either strikken through or new suggestions are shown.

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Manage Scores like a pro

Made a mess? No stress!

Simply undo your scores to the point where it went awry and move on like nothing happened.

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